Just A Short Hop to Priam

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission

Day 15 to Day 16/17
Testing the old boat after repairs, delivering some ore. Just a routine little trip across the Georgia System from Hera to Priam (24hr flight)

Mission Group Flying the Friendly Skies
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am
End Date Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 9:51pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Raise Your Banner
by Tristan & Alden Loxley
Day 17 - Early morning (before landing) Fortune's Echo
New Kids on the Dock
by Alden Loxley & Tristan & Daiyu
Day 17 - Morning Priam - Docks/Town
Sub Space on Santo
by Kindra Graham
Day 22 Outside the town of Caster
The King of Bedside Manner
by Alden Loxley & Daiyu & Niamh O'Donoghue
Day 16 - Very Early Morning Fortune's Echo - Daiyu's Room
Peace Offering
by Alden Loxley & Alison Bliss
Day 16 - late Fortune's Echo - Bridge
Fifteen Minutes Alone
by Alden Loxley
Day 17 Late Morning Priam Docks/Fortune's Echo
Landfall: Drop Off and Pick Up
by Alden Loxley & Alison Bliss & Karen Dawson MD & Daiyu & Chloe Waltz PhD & Jonas Bailey
Day 17 Early Morning Priam Docks
The Lull of the War
by Karen Dawson MD & Alden Loxley
Late Night, After Daiyu's Surgical Spirit Drinking Echo, Dorm Bathrooms
Couch Time
by Karen Dawson MD & Chloe Waltz PhD
After the Surgical Spirits Incident Counches, Outside the Infirmary
Alcohol and IVs
by Daiyu & Alden Loxley & Alison Bliss & Karen Dawson MD & Jonas Bailey
Day 15 - Immediately After Last Day on Hera Fortune's Echo - Infirmary
Last Day on Hera
by Karen Dawson MD & Alden Loxley & Alison Bliss & James Thomson & Daiyu & Chloe Waltz PhD & Jonas Bailey
Day 15 Early Afternoon Fortune's Echo - Galley
Last Minute Meeting
by James Thomson & The Narrator
Day 15 Early Evening Hera - Hub

Mission Summary