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James Thomson

Name James Thomson

Position Security

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Ezra
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Of average height, with a fair complexion, James is a handsome young man who takes his appearance semi-seriously. He typically styles his mid-length, brunette hair, off to the side and held in place by product. He allows his stubble to grow out a little but never lets it get long enough to be considered a beard.

Typically he wars dark denim shirts paired off with cargo trousers, brown leather boots, which he rounded off with a brown worn leather, fur-trimmed, bomber jacket; one of his few connections to his absent father.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Taron Matthews, (absent)
Mother Erin Thomson (Deceased)
Sister(s) Lauren Thomson (Saloon Owner) 32
Other Family - Cousin: Alden Loxley (Captain) 30, Danielle Loxley (Rancher) 28, Drake Loxley (Fence) 27
- Aunt: Arca Loxley (54)
- Uncle: Jericho Loxley (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A complicated young man, James typically presents as a happy and confident individual who is unafraid to take risks in the face of danger. However, beneath his warm exterior, James is a calculated and violent individual who is prone to fits of rage when stressed or offended. Despite this, he still adheres to a small set of rules to prevent him from ever going too far past the point of redeemability. Beyond family or people that he liked, James considers loyalty to be flexible and is always prepared to eliminated anyone once they became a threat. In recent years he's begun to reflect on his previous actions and has sought the company of his older cousin in the hopes of picking up a few pointers on how to be a better man. Being grateful for the opportunity after being written off by so much of their family James is incredibly grateful and demonstrates this through unwavering loyalty and near-total obedience towards the only role model he'd ever had.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Experienced fighter

& Weaknesses:
Limited Empathy
Ambitions To become a better man, redeem himself in the eyes of his family
Hobbies & Interests An avid reader James enjoys reading history books and science fiction novels. James is a proficient fighter and has an interest in weapons, particularly those with blades.

Personal History Born on Ezra, James was the second and final child Erin Thomson. An industrious and stubbornly independent young woman came from a family of ranchers but Erin had settled into a nearby village after meeting her then partner Taron Matthews and remained after he had abandoned their little family. After setting down routes Erin had worked hard to eventually open her saloon in the village. Life was good in those early years, James and his older sister Lauren were doted on by their mother and thanks to her work would spend a lot of time on the ranch with their family. Unfortunately, not long after James' 8th birthday, a gang of Niska's men raided the village in search of James' father and had set their sights on his mother's saloon. The children were on the family ranch when they found out that their mother had passed on, despite her best attempts to mount a defence. This loss devastated the young boy.

Never quite the same after that, James spent a lot of time pretending that everything was okay desperate to ignore the growing darkness he could feel taking root. As he entered into his teens it became much and the young man became to deviate down a dangerous path, at first violently lashing out at those beyond his primary social group who he perceived to have behaved disrespectfully till he eventually killed his first man, earning the disappointment of his mother's family and finding himself shunned. By 16 it became obvious that he and his sister, with the help of their family, would not be able to afford both the saloon and to pay for Niska's protection racket forcing James to take up employment within Niska's organisation as an enforcer ending his sister's needs to pay the mob boss and giving the young man an outlet for his violent urges.

Over his time with Niska, James would gain a reputation for his reliability to get the job done eventually leading to him becoming a part of Niska's outer circle, those who answered directly to the leadership. Despite the hatred he held for the man, he curried enough favour to begin working independently reminding any detractors of their place. By year five, however, Niska began to ask more of James than he was willing to give and eventually he attempted to depart from the organisation hoping his loyalty would buy him the freedom he wanted.

His criminal ties behind him, James spent most of the unification war trying to earn his family's forgiveness and being an unwanted protector of his mothers' old saloon that was now being managed by his sister. He had varying degrees of success and whilst some were back to being warm and welcoming others were cautious and merely-tolerant of his presence, because of this he rarely left the village and would see the Ranch as much as he had hoped upon his return. For a time the chaos of the war had brought the young man a reprieve from Niska's attention and he eventually became relatively settled.

Unfortunately, his tenuous reconnections would be shattered when again the village was roused by Niska's men. The mob boss once again intent on resecuring one of his more successful assets. Frantic to prevent a repeat of his childhood James abandoned the bar and personally took on the outlaws himself, demonstrating extreme prejudice resulting in the deaths of three members from the of five. Once the dust had settled and word spread of James' actions rather than pride, many in the family were repulsed by the ease with which James had gone about his actions, leaving the man feeling rejected and unwanted.

Instead of earning Niska's ire, James had instead managed to impress the man once more which lead to James and Niska brokering a deal that would entitle him to freedom providing he would take up work from time to time. Not wanting to cause issues within the settled members of his family, James reached out to his older cousin Alden with a request to join his crew. Alden had always been the cousin James respected the most and couldn't help but wish that he had a personality more like his. Wanting to eventually and finally regain the whole family' confidence James moved aboard the Fortune intending to learn everything it was that made his cousin the man he was. It would also ensure that he could handle any tasks Niska might have had wherever they were situated.