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- The Miranda Project fails, killing 99.9% of the colonists, and resulting in the remaining tenth of a percent becoming Reavers. It is suggested that the failure of the G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate precipitated the Alliance's Unification War.

- The Unification War begins.

- May: Battle of Serenity Valley ("Serenity")

- The Union of Allied Planets wins the Unification War, and an armistice is signed ending the war.

2517 - Present Year

- March: Alden and Alison find the ship. Drake and Kai assist in getting the Echo back to Three Hills to be worked on.

- April: Drake introduces them to Noah (Engineer)

- June: James begs Alden to let him join his crew (Security)

- July: Rescue Karen from the aftermath of an incident at her clinic on Persephone (Doctor)
- July: Jacob becomes a paying tenant of the port shuttle (Companion)

October - Present - To Hera from Newhall.

- Stowaway found after they leave Newhall (Tristan)
- Pod located and brought on board reveals a trapped passenger (Daiyu)


Hera is the first of three planets circling the protostar Murphy. Hera was once a thriving agricultural hub that linked the Core, Border and Rim. Its strategic location made Hera a crucial battlefield during the Unification War, directly resulting in the planet's decline.

In the Battle of Serenity Valley, Alliance bombs blackened the planet's skies. It will likely take decades before the planet fully recovers. Currently unable to grow enough crops to sustain its population, and with farming out of the question, its people have turned to mining the rich ore beneath the ground. Also, now 6 years have passed since the massacre, a rising interest in the U-War has created a tourist industry.

Serenity Valley - a rocky canyon where Independent forces held their ground against Alliance soldiers for 7 weeks in the bloodiest battle of the U-War. With over 500,000 combined deaths from both sides, this battle crushed the Independents and led to their surrender. The hills of the Valley are littered with graves, and tours are available daily.

Boneyards - After the war, Hera also became a graveyard for an impressive amount of ships and other military equipment. Many of these vehicles can be purchased and brought back to life with enough hard work, skill and money. Enterprising businessmen and women have bought up the lands on which the ships crashed, and these vast boneyards are now filled with tradeable salvage.

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