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Timeline (scroll down for current date):

- The Miranda Project fails, killing 99.9% of the colonists, and resulting in the remaining tenth of a percent becoming Reavers. It is suggested that the failure of the G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate precipitated the Alliance's Unification War.

- The Unification War begins.

- May: Battle of Serenity Valley ("Serenity")

- The Union of Allied Planets wins the Unification War, and an armistice is signed ending the war.

2517 - Present Year

- March: Alden and Alison find the ship. Drake and Kai assist in getting the Echo back to Three Hills to be worked on.

- April: Drake introduces them to Noah (Engineer)

- June: James begs Alden to let him join his crew (Security)

- July: Rescue Karen from the aftermath of an incident at her clinic on Persephone (Doctor)
- July: Jacob becomes a paying tenant of the port shuttle (Companion)


To Hera from Newhall. (Day 1-12)

- Stowaway found after they leave Newhall (Tristan)
- Pod located and brought on board reveals a trapped passenger (Daiyu)

Landfall on Hera. (Day 12-15)

- Hera. Deliver Cargo. Pick up ore cargo for Priam. Side mission to dig up a metallic cube from a grave in Serenity Valley. Ship is struck by missiles, Noah is killed and the cube is stolen by folk who seem to be linked to Niska. Tristan steals it back. Seems those who stole it haven't noticed as they leave...
- Hera. Echo is repaired. Noah's sister (Sibyl) picks up her brother and loans the Echo crew an engineer (Chloe). An old friend of Alden (Jonas) shows up with orders to kill him. Jacob leaves. Niamh, a friend of Alden and James' families decides to travel with the ship for a while as a paying renter of the vacated port shuttle.

From Hera to Priam (Day 15-17)

- Depart for Priam, Echo now patched up with a shiny new engine. Chloe remains on board.

Landfall on Priam (Day 17)

- Sell cargo, pick up new
- Minor maintenance

Priam to Santo (Day 17-23)

- Journey to Santo to sell cargo of IPA beer

Landfall on Santo (Day 23-24)

- Beer successfully sold, crew takes a time-out in the large, coastal town of Caster on Santo.
- Pick up supplies, including a bunch of hydroponics gear and plants
- Wait in a bar for the nice paying client (Whit)
- Barfight breaks out, folks get bruised up, Daiyu breaks a thug's face, Alden takes the blame and is arrested
- Kindra Graham meets Whit
- James and Tristan have an illicit meeting re the cube
- Whit rescues Alden from jail after an overnight incident
- Kindra pays for passage
- Echo leaves for Ghost mid-afternoon the following day.

Journey from Santo to Ghost (Day 24-31)

- In transit through the Black


Journey from Santo to Ghost (Day 1-2)

- Attempt to establish contact with surface
- Land on surface
- Alden, Whit and Jonas explore Gaishan and find (almost) everyone dead.
- Whit locates his Lost Sheep (Cooper) and the boys rescue him
- During said rescue, they also locate an oddly organic looking egg with split opening and empty insides
- Everything about the dead folks screams Reavers, including the one remaining live human they find in a food storage container
- Tristan fulfils his mission received anonymously via his coretex and obtains the tracker tech
- Echo leaves Ghost, bound for Li Shen's Bazaar (roughly 10hr trip)

Journey from Ghost to Li Shen's Bazaar (Day 2-3)

- In transit through the Kalidasa System

Dock at Li Shen's Bazaar (Spaceport) (Day 3)

- Drop off Dr Karen Dawson
- Collect/Send any mail or messages
- Supply stock-up/eat and drink/rest/don't rest


Hera is the first of three planets circling the protostar Murphy. Hera was once a thriving agricultural hub that linked the Core, Border and Rim. Its strategic location made Hera a crucial battlefield during the Unification War, directly resulting in the planet's decline.

In the Battle of Serenity Valley, Alliance bombs blackened the planet's skies. It will likely take decades before the planet fully recovers. Currently unable to grow enough crops to sustain its population, and with farming out of the question, its people have turned to mining the rich ore beneath the ground. Also, now 6 years have passed since the massacre, a rising interest in the U-War has created a tourist industry.

Serenity Valley - a rocky canyon where Independent forces held their ground against Alliance soldiers for 7 weeks in the bloodiest battle of the U-War. With over 500,000 combined deaths from both sides, this battle crushed the Independents and led to their surrender. The hills of the Valley are littered with graves, and tours are available daily.

Boneyards - After the war, Hera also became a graveyard for an impressive amount of ships and other military equipment. Many of these vehicles can be purchased and brought back to life with enough hard work, skill and money. Enterprising businessmen and women have bought up the lands on which the ships crashed, and these vast boneyards are now filled with tradeable salvage.

Priam - Ithaca and Priam are binary planets and revolve around each other. Priam houses the wealthy landowners, Ithaca is home to the workforce who toil in Priam's fields and factories. During the U-War, the Alliance aided Priam, and the Browncoats defended Ithaca's inhabitants. Casualties were minor, but the wounds run deep.

Santo - Santo is a lone planet orbiting the White Sun system's first protostar, Qin Shi Huang. It's one of the youngest Core Worlds one of the last to be helioformed, and as such Santo's culture is closer to a Border planet. Tends to be used as a pit-stop for crews to refuel and rewind, has a limited Alliance presence and describes itself as 'rough around the edges'. Santo has become a haven for slavers and other criminals, but as long as you can spit and curse, you'll fit right in. Be cautious though, and you'll avoid being involuntarily recruited by a terraforming crew headed for some distant moon.

Ghost - Ghost circles the star Kalidasa which is the first to be considered part of The Rim. Still in the process of being terraformed, Ghost is home to an independent contractor (Atmo-4-U) who have large pyramid-shaped atmosphere processing stations located across the planet (and its two moons - Inferno and Xibalia). Most systems are completely automated, but they maintain a small colony of workers (families) who live in large, sealed habitat environments alongside the pyramid stations. Due to the geological content of Ghost's surface (granite/limestone/magnetite), this planet retains electrical imprints from anything in its proximity. This makes communication extremely difficult and prone to problems.

Li Shen's Bazaar - A floating port station on the edge of the Kalidasa System (Xuan Wu). Claims to have the widest selection of goods (and bads) of any station in the 'Verse. Interior of the station is full of billboards with brightly flashing adverts and enticements for goods, services and other wonders to be experienced here. Everything from happy naked times, through filling your belly to 'alien artefacts'. It's a tourist trap at face value, a great stop for busy crews, has a branch of the Allied Postal System as well as St Lucy's Medical Center and if you're in the know, at a deeper level there's a hook-up with the Smugglers Guild to be had. Enjoy!