Deck Listing

Deck 1 · Mid Level · Deck 3

Deck 1

- Bridge
- Fore Deck/Front hallway (with ladder access down to Crew Rooms and stairs down to Cargo Bay)
- Galley
- Aft Hall (with hatch to access stairs down to Infirmary)
- Engine Room (accessed from hatch in Aft Hall and via hatch to stairs up from Deck 3)

3 exterior hatches (bridge, starboard side, port side)

Mid Level

- Crew Dorms (front)
- Ladders from crew dorms up to Fore Deck/Front Hallway
- Catwalk above Cargo Bay
- Stairs up to Fore Deck/Front Hallway from Catwalk
- Access to both shuttles (one port, one starboard)
- Mule bay

Deck 3

- Main Air Lock (and exterior access hatch)
- Bomb Bay Doors (floor of main cargo bay)
- Cargo Bay (with 3 access points to stairs leading up to catwalk in mid-deck)
- Infirmary with separate hatch/door (accessed via hatch from cargo bay rear and/or via stairs up to Aft Hall on Deck 1)
- Seating area/waiting space with sofas and tables outside Infirmary door.
- Passenger dorms (4 that are accessed via Seating Area outside Infirmary)
- Ladder up to storage space above Passenger Dorms (sealed)
- Stairs access to Engineering beyond ladder