Twas The Twelve Days of Travel

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Twelve days of travel from Li Shen's Bazaar to the trade planet of Three Hills, headed home to regroup, recoup and recuperate both the battered little Firefly and the souls within.

Family's good for some friendly, relaxing downtime, right?

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Home Sweet Wonderful Home

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Headed back to Georgia System. Just below the Halo asteroid belt you can find an orbital path shared by two stars moving around the White Sun. Gerogia and the Red Sun and the planets that surround them encompass what folks call the Border. Georgia is the larger of these two systems and is home to the rise of the Independent Planets.

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He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Waters.

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Grimshaw and his A-Men follow a distress signal to find a ship...

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Fortune & Glory

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Past expoits, backstory, old times and anything that happened before the present timeline - goes here.

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Sweet Emotion

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How Ali met Alden, and what happened next...

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Yuan Fen

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The ineffable adventures of a younger Alden Loxley and Jonas Bailey

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The Milk Run

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Go fetch the shiny thing from Serenity Valley on Hera. Easy money, right?

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Just A Short Hop to Priam

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Day 15 to Day 16/17
Testing the old boat after repairs, delivering some ore. Just a routine little trip across the Georgia System from Hera to Priam (24hr flight)

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Six Days to Santo

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Delivering a cargo of good old fashioned IPA to the rough and ready Core planet of Santo and its thirsty bar lurking pool players.

Leadind to a barfight, a little Daiyu-temper, some Alden jail time, a medic rescue mission and picking up both a new client (Whit) and a new companion (Kindra).

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Back in Black

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Travelling nine days from Santo to Ghost with only ourselves for company and only ourselves to blame. New folks to torment and talk to, plenty of food and maybe even some live music.

Time speeds up and slows down out here with nothing but our lil Firefly for a reference point in all that black...

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I Ain't Fraid of No Ghost...

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The Kalisdasa System, beyond the Border in the Rim promises adventure with very few rules. Five of its worlds are inhabitable, and in the yellow star's twelfth orbital path, lies one such planet - Ghost - currently home to automated atmosphere processing plants and a small terraforming crew.

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Li Shen's Bazaar

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The Kalisdasa System, beyond the Border in the Rim promises adventure with very few rules.

A floating port station on the edge of the Kalidasa System (Xuan Wu). Claims to have the widest selection of goods (and bads) of any station in the 'Verse. Interior of the station is full of billboards with brightly flashing adverts and enticements for goods, services and other wonders to be experienced here. Everything from happy naked times, through filling your belly to 'alien artefacts'. It's a tourist trap at face value, a great stop for busy crews, has a branch of the Allied Postal System as well as St Lucy's Medical Center and if you're in the know, at a deeper level there's a hook-up with the Smugglers Guild to be had. Enjoy!

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