Flying the Friendly Skies

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Doing some chores, hopefully making some money, definitely trying to stay alive

Group Post Count: 249

Included Missions

The Milk Run

Post Count: 136

Go fetch the shiny thing from Serenity Valley on Hera. Easy money, right?

Just A Short Hop to Priam

Post Count: 36

Day 15 to Day 16/17
Testing the old boat after repairs, delivering some ore. Just a routine little trip across the Georgia System from Hera to Priam (24hr flight)

Six Days to Santo

Post Count: 77

Delivering a cargo of good old fashioned IPA to the rough and ready Core planet of Santo and its thirsty bar lurking pool players.

Leadind to a barfight, a little Daiyu-temper, some Alden jail time, a medic rescue mission and picking up both a new client (Whit) and a new companion (Kindra).