Family Is Complicated

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Interactions with those related to us by blood and heritage and all the fun times that can be had.

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Twas The Twelve Days of Travel

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Twelve days of travel from Li Shen's Bazaar to the trade planet of Three Hills, headed home to regroup, recoup and recuperate both the battered little Firefly and the souls within.

Family's good for some friendly, relaxing downtime, right?

Home Sweet Wonderful Home

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Headed back to Georgia System. Just below the Halo asteroid belt you can find an orbital path shared by two stars moving around the White Sun. Gerogia and the Red Sun and the planets that surround them encompass what folks call the Border. Georgia is the larger of these two systems and is home to the rise of the Independent Planets.

He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Waters.

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Grimshaw and his A-Men follow a distress signal to find a ship...