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Alison Bliss

Name Alison Bliss

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Hera
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10in / 178 cm
Weight 117lbs / 53 kg
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alison is slim, moves very feminine, with almost unearthly grace, softly and sultry. Her skinny figure gives an impression of a sexy stripper, especially that Alison is wearing tightfitting, slinky clothes. Her clear, honey-like, warm voice further enhances this impression. She has long platinum blonde, usually free and striking cool blue eyes. On her lips, there is usually a playful grin. While she doesn’t look like a strong person, she makes up for that with her incredible agility.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Alison is calm, flirtatious and friendly, with dry sense of humor especially when in combat or when flying. She has often over the top seductive tone in her behavior, and can be direct and commanding if situation demands it.

She is a loyal friend and can be very empathic when she wants it. She is vain and extroverted, can be spontaneous and even careless. Alison is communal, things like privacy and decency have little meaning to her, and she enjoys creative chaos.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Courtesan
+ Pilot
+ Acrobat
+ Sharpshooter
+ Gambler

- Weakling
- Frail
- Hedonist
- Mechanically inept
- Vain
Ambitions Alison is a wanderer and an explorer. She is open to new experiences, wants to have fun, be rich, seeks adrenaline and enjoys pleasures.
Hobbies & Interests Flying, flirting, martial arts, acrobatics, sex, meditation, staying fit, looking nice, feeling good.

Personal History Alison Bliss alias June Montgomery alias Harley Williams alias Kathryn Harrington alias Scarlett Evans alias Adabelle Harding, was born as Alison Scott.

Alison was born on Hera, in a mid-sized town. Her biological mother, Bella Scott, a prostitute, died during the childbirth. A commune of whores raised Alison. There was no privacy in her early years and she had lots of mothers, sisters and brothers. She learned very early about sex and all the intricacies of sexual relationships. However, at age of eleven, her commune sold Alison to the Companion’s Guild.

For Alison selling her off felt like betrayal but the Companion training quickly had her forget about that. The training wasn’t easy, it consolidated Alison’s chaotic nature and sharpen her natural talents. Naturally agile and emphatic she had become sultry, passionate and provocative. She also had excelled in self-defense and persuasion. After the training, she became very quickly a well-recognized companion catering to very special and rich clientele.

This is how the Unification War found Alison. She managed to avoid it until one of the unionists bombardment flattened Alison’s hometown and killed everyone she knew. When she found out about it by accident, it hit her. Slowly she started using her companion’s influence first to spy, then became an agent for Independent Planets. Finally, she became an assassin. Last two years of war were very busy for her, as she was flying around and secretly killing under guise of being the companion.

The war was lost. Alison’s actions were discovered and the Companion Guild banned her. For a short time, she even had a bounty on her head but she managed to kill enough of the bounty hunters and avoid the rest that the Guild eventually retracted the bounty.

Following that, Alison used her courtesan skills and became a gold digger. She married several times mainly with much older men for money. Being a hedonist and loving luxuries, she basked in riches. However, with time, being too much of a restless wanderer, she started to look for thrills and she started to gamble. At first, she wasn’t as good as she thought she was at it. This put her in many troubles before she became a pro. Making enemies among some husbands and among families she married into, she had to run.

Life of the wanderer and explorer was something what Alison was looking for. Not as luxurious, not as full of money and pleasures as being a trophy wife, but far more exciting and free. She rediscovered piloting, flying earlier during the time she was a companion and later during war, offering now her skills to various captains. These affairs lasted from weeks to months but she couldn’t find a good place until she met Alden.