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Chloe Waltz

Name Chloe Joan Waltz PhD

Position Engineer

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Londinium
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2”
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Chloe looks younger than her actual age. She has a rather youthful face, gray eyes, and short, almost silver blonde hair, which may or may not be dyed to look that color. She almost never wears makeup. She pretty much only wears clothes that are variations of two outfits. Her usual clothes are a rather nice button-down shirt and slacks. Sometimes she wears that same thing, but with a lab coat over it. While her clothes might be considered relatively formal out here, she is used to living in the Core, where they are considered average.


Spouse John Roan (divorced) (30 – Data Analyst)
Children Rachel Roan (6)
Father Jay Waltz (52 - Nurse)
Mother Autumn Waltz (52 – Music Teacher)
Sister(s) Kelsey Green (26 – Accountant), Ginger Waltz (24 – Artist)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chloe doesn’t understand people very well. Tone, facial expressions and most of all humor often slip right past her. She has to make a conscious effort to play by society’s rules – those rules are confusing to her. You know what isn’t confusing? Science. Chloe often hides behind science and numbers and insects, things that are more objective where study and research can answer all her questions more surely than human interaction. Honestly, she finds this easier than talking to people. Her family and past relationships have led her to believe that she’s a bad person because she isn’t quite normal, so she has very low self-esteem in that regard. Once she went back to school for physics and got a job in engineering, though, she suddenly started receiving praise for her intelligence and attention to detail, which was something new to her. Through those experiences, she has learned to love the vague concept of science. Only when talking about science does she exhibit confidence, and in that case so much it almost seems brash and obsessed. But it makes her happy, which is a hard feeling for her to obtain these days.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Intelligence: Chloe is quite literally a genius
-Design & engineering: frankly, Chloe is overqualified for this job with regards for engineering and ships.
-Programming: Chloe enjoys programming, including some hacking, modelling, and automation.
-Energy: For what it’s worth, Chloe brings enthusiasm and energy to the table.

-Social Skills: Chloe has ASD and has some trouble with social skills
-Naivete: Chloe grew up pretty sheltered and almost never assumes people are being less than honest
-High Living Standards: Chloe is used to living in the Core and she didn’t come out this far by choice.
-Physical Strength: Chloe isn’t used to fighting, or much physical exertion at all. She does, however, have a sonic gun which she knows how to use, registered by the Alliance.
Ambitions Chloe has a lot of random ambitions. Not knowing what to do in life has never been a problem for her. She wants to invent, to discover, to learn everything there is to learn. She is especially interested in ship propulsion and physics, especially in regards to the people from Earth That Was – the fact that they managed to make ships able to come here from the far reaches of space using their “limited technology” fascinates her, which is one of the reasons she is interested in less technologically advanced ships such as a Firefly. She also wants to be a good mother, but that ambition is less obtainable and quantifiable, so it usually rests uncomfortably at the back of her mind where she never brings it up.
Hobbies & Interests Physics, Reading, Entomology (she has a few terrariums with bugs that she brought with her, as she trades them on the interplanetary exotic pet market), Programming/computers, Ships, Math & Engineering.

Personal History Chloe was born on Londinium. She wasn’t exactly what her parents expected in a child though; she would strive to be her best academically but not pick up on social issues and would often get in arguments with her parents. Her sister was a much more average child, and Chloe grew up practically resenting her sister, not understanding why her parents liked her sister more while Chloe would do better in her courses and learning. Eventually Chloe moved away and started college for engineering, when she was 17. When she was 19, she realized that all of her peers had boyfriends. She managed to get herself into a pre-arranged relationship through her parents’ contacts, with a man named John, before she graduated college at 20. John was a Data Analyst, so Chloe assumed that he would like data, like her, but instead learned that he only had that job to make money to support a family in the future. Well, Chloe was never known for good judgement and didn’t have much self esteem or relationship experience so the two of them got married while the relationship just grew worse and worse and she couldn’t understand why. From this relationship, John wanted a kid. Chloe wasn’t too sure, but at this point she usually assumed that the other, “normal” people of this world were right, largely thanks to her parents’ influence, and when she was 22, the same year the war ended, she had a daughter: Rachel. John decided that she would stay home and raise the kid, instead of continuing her work in the lab she’d been at. He told that she couldn’t do both things, and he made more money. But at this point Chloe’s priority was to be a good mother, so she decided to read up and teach herself the most about parenting as she could and put in her full effort. That still wasn’t enough for John – he would always say that she wasn’t a good mother, as she should parent from the heart, not the head. Things grew rather sour between the two. With John gone for work most of the time and Chloe missing her job, Chloe started have an affair with a former colleague of hers solely so that she could have access to his lab. When John caught her, the two were divorced, he got full custody and Chloe hasn’t really talked to him since. She went to work for a different engineering firm, owned by Sibyl Rajani (Noah-Jade True’s sister), while going back for a PhD in physics. She loved it there; finally, her intellectual skills were appreciated, in her mind. While there, she would always argue with one of her coworkers, a rival of hers named Gretchen. Chloe was mostly jealous of Gretchen, who managed to have a good relationship, a loving family and a son the same age as Rachel, but she didn’t know how to process those feelings. Things escalated between the two, and Sibyl was forced to fire Chloe after Chloe threw a punch at Gretchen. Sibyl knew it would be difficult for Chloe to find another job on planet though, after being fired from this big engineering firm for such a reason, so she took her on as a personal assistant and is looking for an off-planet, on the down-low job for Chloe, at least until people back on Londinium forget about her so she can be brought back for research.