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Alden Loxley

Name Alden Jericho Loxley

Position Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Ezra
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tanned skin. Athletic build. Alden holds himself in a comfortable, relaxed manner. Can appear too laid-back if resting in one place for a while, but this is an illusion, in reality he’s observant and keyed into his surroundings. He gives the impression of being confident, rather than arrogant.


Spouse Anouk Io (Deceased)
Children None.
Father Jericho Loxley (deceased)
Mother Arca Loxley (54)
Brother(s) Drake Loxley (Fence) 27
Sister(s) Danielle Loxley (Rancher) 28
Other Family Uncle, aunt and maternal grandparents back home.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alden’s a personable soul who’s clearly at home in his own skin. He knows his limits, and he pushes them when he needs to, or occasionally just for fun. He’s not particularly amazing at anything, but he’s lucky when it counts, and that’s kept him alive so far. He’s loyal to those he feels he can trust, and his moral code is fairly steady. He won’t harm an innocent, he enjoys a good drinking session and he’s a decent shot. He doesn’t shy away from hard work when it’s necessary, but he’s also more than happy to laze around when the opportunity arises.

He’s not interested in harming other people without good reason. Likes being the centre of attention on occasion, but also is happy to fade into the background and observe when needed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

& Weaknesses:

Ambitions Keep flying. Be happy.
Hobbies & Interests Really good cook, can conjure up something decent out of practically nothing. Can play guitar and reasonably good singing voice.

Personal History Alden was born on Ezra. He had a pretty normal childhood on a ranch. He was raised by a family who loved him and wanted him. His parents had tried to have a child for a couple of years and spoiled him completely for the first few years of his life. Then he got a younger sister and a younger brother in quick succession and had to learn to share the attention.

His mother came from a family of ranchers (and still lives on the ranch with her parents and brother now). His father was a civilian transport pilot, a decent man who was always caring when he was home. Jericho died (ten years ago) out in the black when his ship suffered catastrophic engine failure. They were off the main trade routes, running contraband salvage, and the oxygen ran out too swiftly to save the small crew.

Alden followed in his father’s footsteps, literally. When Jericho Loxley died, he’d been carrying cargo back to Ezra for Adelai Niska. The man considered his eldest son liable for repaying this debt. Alden’s maternal side of the family was doing alright, but nowhere near enough to cover this.

Turns out that luck was on the firstborn son’s side though. He and his younger brother were trying to figure out how to escape the indentured servitude of paying off this coin when Alden struck gold. On one of the trips for Niska, he met an old friend in a bar. Said friend handed him an artefact from Earth That Was, as he’d decided to forsake all his wealth and move to Newhope.

A side trip to Three Hills and Alden had more than enough money to pay off Jericho’s debt. (Though as far as Niska knew, he had just enough). The brothers split the remainder of the money and parted ways for a time at this point. Drake chose the life of a fence on Three Hills, while Alden wanted to fly the friendly skies. Their sister remained on Ezra, part of the maternal side of the family’s legitimate ranch operation. Alden left home, headed to Hera and spent his share of what was left of the money on buying a share in a ship. He and Drake met up from time to time and occasionally flew missions to acquire or to deliver items of particular value.

Alden was never a soldier, but during the five years of the Unification War he was allied with, and flew supplies for the Independents. During one of these supply runs, he and his ship were captured by an Alliance vessel. The officer in charge took a shine to him, and while they lost their ship and all its contents to the Alliance war effort, she let them live. That initial shine turned into an illicit love affair, and they were married a year later. She was court martialed, demoted to Infantry, and was killed in the Battle of Serenity Valley (2511 AD)

Since then, Alden has worked as a pilot, a smuggler, a trader and a hired hand. He’s always earned enough to survive pretty decently, but never enough to own a share in a ship again. Until now.