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The Fool and The Ace of Swords

Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2021 @ 8:50am by Alden Loxley & Alison Bliss & Kindra Graham

Mission: Sweet Emotion
Location: Quantum of the Stars
Timeline: 2515 - After The High Priestess and the Wheel of Fortune

The Quantum of the Stars' casino occupied the center of deck three. Electronic games and slot machines lined the walls of the oval-shaped room, populated with guests of all stations. Various gambling tables around the room hosted blackjack and poker with real cards. The plush, stain-concealing red carpet was barely visible beneath the feet of ship guests crowded around roulette, craps, and baccarat tables, while others played pai gow. In the center of the main casino, stairs led up to the VIP lounge on deck four, the domain of elite guests and high-stakes gamblers.

Kindra paused just inside the casino entrance to look around. The meal with Alison and Alden had been pleasant and relaxed considering the time constraint and her rushed change into the slinky, low-cut red gown she now wore, her long dark curls loose around her shoulders. In the crowd she recognized two other companions, guildmembers skilled in advising clients on game strategy. She did not see the purser, Cuthbert Yeatman, right away.

Alison showed up in the casino in the borrowed simple in style, navy blue mini dress with a flower embroidered motif and silver pantyhose, all complemented with strapped black high heels. She instantly realized it was barely enough considering the splendor, riches and high-class of the guests around, which was good, if she didn't want to draw too much attention. She smiled under her nose noticing how much attention Kindra got, which took any interest off her. Most of it anyway. The blonde with long platinum hairs stepped to the side and her blue eyes slipped over various card games offered by the casino. She was tempted to get into the thick of it, confident she could easily make enough money for both of her and Alden to have a decent cruise trip, plus paying back Kindra for her kindness. Folding her hands however, Alison realized that this could attract attention. Not too smart considering their current situation.

He took the payment for this free ride very seriously, did Alden. Beneath his bare feet, that red carpet felt surprisingly soft, a little bouncy and definitely scrunchable, but he wasn't used to expensive floor coverings. Usually those toes touched cold bare metal decking on the way between bathroom and bunk. Tonight, they were really trading up.

It wasn't narcissim that drove Alden across that floor. No, he'd waited long enough for Kindra and Alison to have their respective moments, for each to own their grand entrance into the space. He'd given them time.

Now though, and with zero concerns for all the eyes suddenly turning in his direction, Alden walked. No, he strode. One foot in front of the other, shoulders back and chest just out enough to deny any issues with his confidence. Head held only high enough to prove that he couldn't care less who stared at him. Almost all of him. On display.

Bare-ass naked but for the merest of black thongs covering his privates, Alden owned his moment on that flattest of stages, turning only briefly as he reached the first of the steps leading to the VIP lounge. A small, haughty smile caught on his face before he carried on upwards.

Although they hadn't talked about specifics, Kindra had expected Alden to undress down to the black thong after he arrived, in the VIP lounge changing room, because that's what she would have done. She'd known Alden was not at all shy about his body, but this exhibitionist parade through a crowded room was a complete surprise. Kindra watched with unabashed appreciation as Alden strutted across the casino floor, her thoughts pulled to another place and time, when she'd had that enticing man all to herself for seven days.

When Alden started up the steps, Kindra turned toward Alison and lifted an eyebrow, amused and a little worried. "I think we should go up there and keep an eye on him." As Kindra started toward the stairs, she asked, "Has he, uh, done this before?"

Alison giggled mischievously slightly shaking her head.
"I wouldn't say he's done this... but I've seen him... taking in much worse." Her voice was betraying unhealthy amusement. She tilted her head slightly. "He looks good doesn't he? Still handsome? Still well built..." She decided to bait Kindra a bit.

Kindra licked her lips. There was no point pretending with Alison. "He looks good enough to eat. Among other things." She returned her new friend's mischievous smile and held out her elbow to link arms. "Shall we make sure no one else exploits his charms?"

Alison slipped her hand under Kindra's arm nestling in. She was glad to see that the other woman didn't try to put any barrier between them. It was refreshing and Alison found that quite attractive.

"Please, lead on." She agreed. "I can see he already got some long looks."

Seen from the top of the stairs, the VIP lounge was not crowded. Most of the guests were sitting at tables, served drinks by ten or so men and women dressed like Alden. At the side of the room opposite the stairs was a raised platform with a large door-sized wooden frame holding a metalwork rack featuring a Triskelion motif. Unlike the crowd in the main casino below, there was a preponderance of leather attire among these guests, and the more observant might notice that many guests wore jewelry featuring a shield or a circle.

He hadn't missed the proximity of those two very particular women, though he hadn't heard a word either had spoken, and Alden didn't worry about anyone identifying him. No one right now was looking at his face. A tiny smidgen of disappointment mixed with relief washed through his mind at the realisation that he wasn't the only poor sod working this place au natural. Any relief however vanished Alden clocked the rack.

Soft cursing under his breath attempted to block the unwanted memories of the last time he'd paid for a ride without coin or credit, and the pilot boldly approached the bar. "Hey," he offered, with the flash of a functional smile. "I was told to report to Yeatman?"

Watching Alden from afar, Alison couldn't help but smile amused. They had their share of troubles and she started to love those moments. Alison’s thoughts were racing, comparing her relationship with Alden, how it evolved, with relationship of Kindra and Alden, even if she knew very little details about it yet.

Walking next to Kindra, Alison enjoyed her company and her smell, under the perfumes, or maybe it was the fact, she was a guild member, or maybe it was her smile. But Alison realized there was a lot of physical attraction on her side toward the other woman. Being spontaneous at times and sometimes driven by her lust, Alison couldn't help but wonder how much of these elements were transpiring here and how much of it was nudged by Kindra and Alden relationship and her fascination with it.

A man of indeterminate age, with pale hair, wearing an elegant charcoal gray suit, and of shorter than average height stared at Alden from where he was standing next to the raised platform. A predatory grin spread across Cuthbert Yeatman's face.

As they reached the top of the stairs, Kindra noted that Alden was at the bar, where it appeared the bartender was giving him instructions. Most likely he'd be carrying a tray of half-filled wine glasses to offer to guests. Kindra exhaled her relief and turned her full attention to the beautiful, sensual woman at her side. It was difficult to believe the two of them, as close as they were, hadn't had sex. It seemed so unlikely, and left Kindra deeply curious to know why Alden had not indulged in Alison's alluring charms. If Alison was right about why… that thought tugged at Kindra's feelings in ways she wasn't ready to think about. With her curiosity peaked, the seed of an idea germinated, something to explore when the three of them were alone together, later.

Kindra led Alison to a booth with a view of both the bar, and the stage where Yeatman had taken up a position to oversee the evening's event. She slid into a seat and gestured for her attractive friend to sit next to her, rather than across the table. A question she'd wanted to ask earlier came to mind. "What was it like to give up your Guild license?"

Alison focused on observing Alden for a moment, making sure he was safe. It helped and eased her racing, hardly pure thoughts about Kindra. Alison sat down next to her as indicated, crossing her legs and taking very sensual position. She let herself for a seductive grin focusing fully on Kindra. She guessed that to a point Kindra was using against her the attraction Alison felt. Be it conscious or subconscious, it didn't matter. Alison didn't answer immediately, partially because the innocent question struck her deeper than she would want to admit. Probably because it was a companion asking it and a companion, she found very much attractive. Alison didn't want her face to reflect her inner feelings about the question, not even in a slightest.

So, Alison spoke when she knew she could keep the mask.
"To be honest, I didn't give it up. It was revoked." Her seductive grin turned impish. "I was young, one of the best, I was full of ideals... and I used it all for what seemed to be the just cause back then." Melancholy colored her voice before she sighed. "I had very bad fall off with the guild, a life changing experience, but it is settled by now. What about you, how long are you a companion?"

"You're still young, and still one of the best, I'd wager," said Kindra with an arched eyebrow and suggestive tone. She assumed Alison was speaking of the Unification war and nodded her head in slow acknowledgement. "The rules about involvement in politics. Hypocritical of course, considering the Guild's influence." Alison must have backed the rebels. Her license wouldn't have been revoked if she'd supported the Alliance. Kindra could imagine how devastating the loss must have been for her.

"I was a bit older than most when I completed my companion training, twenty-two, and I've been a registered companion for three years now." By Kindra's estimation, Alison couldn't be much older than her, so she must have become a companion at a relatively young age. "My mother was a companion until she met my father. He left us when I was three, and she had one hell of a time getting her license reinstated. Then she contracted long-term with a wealthy couple, and the three of them raised me together. I was lucky, three parents who loved me, and I chose to enter Madrassa when I was old enough. But… certain aspects of my training were delayed on account of my stepfather. He didn't want me to be a companion." Kindra hoped Alison might share more but didn't want to push.

Two men had stepped onto the raised platform. The sub wearing little more than Alden knelt, and the dom standing before him in leathers placed a collar formally around his sub's neck. Murmurs of approval could be heard around the room.

It had taken Alden a short while to work his way around the floorspace, swapping empty glasses for half-full ones and offering self-effacing smiles and bright nods to every wayward comment and half-assed proposition. Finally, though, he reached the table where the two Companions sat, lording it up (in his mind) and enjoying the show. Behind him, Alden was aware of someone drawing more attention than him by the sounds of the audience, so he stole the advantage.

He played his personal stage with a forced smile of faux happiness and placed two glasses down for them to take, then stood up straight and stretched comfortably into his full height.

"Thank you so much for this," he said, amusement colouring his words. "I don't think I've ever been pawed by so many people in so short a time..."

Kindra picked up the wine glass Alden had set before her and took a sip, a rich and smooth merlot, but any teasing comments she might have made died with the appearance of the purser at their table. "Alison and Alden, this is Cuthbert Yeatman, the Quantum of the Star's purser."

On the stage, the dom had finished applying various restrains to the sub to attach him to the rack and was flourishing a whip.

Alden's brow furrowed only slightly as he regarded Yeatman, then he offered a curt nod and split his attention between the stage - the frown deepened only slightly - and the trio about the table. He could feel the other man's attention with an intensity akin to a spotlight, but Alden showed no overt concern.

Cuthbert acknowledged the two women without taking his eyes off Alden. He licked his lips. "Mm-hmm… Sweetheart, you're still Cousin Yummy to me. I look forward to seeing you on stage."

"Mister Yeatman," warned Kindra. "Remember our agreement. He doesn't have to do anything he doesn't consent to."

Alden looked from one to the other and lightly shook his head. He'd complain verbally about them discussing him like a pet, but there seemed little point right now. A deal was a deal, and a free cruise liner ride was a super fancy gift as far as hitchhiking across the Verse went.

"Yes, yes," Cuthbert answered, and made a hand motion at Kindra like he was waving away a fly. "Companions. Pfft. Of course we will discuss compensation for off-script service…" he turned his full attention back to Alden and continued, "…for your performance on stage with either or both of these ladies as your dom. Or... My dear, I could offer a much more lucrative incentive if you choose to submit to me on stage."

A silent eye roll occured in those precious seconds while the purser's attention was diverted to Kindra, a gesture that Alden aimed squarely at Alison. It seemed to have the opposite effect though.

"How much more lucrative?" Alison leaned forward and picked the drink herself, fluidly switching from the background and an add-on to Kindra into a person on her own at the table. Called out, she felt like she could use it to see how much more they could squeeze out of the man. She nimbly held it in her glass in the long fingers and gave Alden a meaningful grin.

With a tilt of his head and two raised eyebrows, Alden conveyed all the emotion he needed to his partner in crime. Really? His eyes said. Then he visibly flinched as the current stage duo unleased the whip with a loud crack.

"Yeah, no thanks," Alden stated, and with care to spin the tray in time with his primadonna exit, he turned back to the wider room. "Busy night," he said, over a parting shoulder. "Plenty thirsty folks waiting." If Alison wanted credits so badly, he muttered internally, she could go cheat some poor bastard in the casino.



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