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Posted on Sat Sep 12th, 2020 @ 4:21pm by Alison Bliss & James Thomson

Mission: Fortune & Glory
Location: Off Ship
Timeline: Past, few months ago

The one thing James liked about his time on the Echo so far was the variety. He'd only been with the crew a week and so far it seemed Alden had some task to keep his cousin occupied and with their crew being so small there was much more than security to deal with. Today he'd been paired off with Alison for the first time. A simple task, get supplies, but likely not one Alden trusted him to do without a chaperone.

Alison entered the cargo bay in her usual graceful stride, armed with a pistol in the holster and a bag. James was relatively new addition but so far, they didn't have a chance to work together. So she thought a simple pick up of supplies would be an occasion to do it. She was curious of the man.

He new little about his cousins first mate beyond the fact she shared a decent bond with Alden and there was clearly a mutual respect between the pair. Based on what he'd seen so far he knew he'd be best to keep to his best behaviour, he had a feeling Alison had him more than handled.

They were a mere ten minute walk from the marketplace and so far pair were five minutes into their journey. After remaining quiet for the first half of the journey before he couldn't resist himself.

"So... how did you meet Alden?" he asked curiously, hoping to keep it light and eager to get to know the woman her cousin trusted so much.

Alison had to admit that she was expecting him to ask the question much sooner. She was a good judge of the character and also was reading people well and she saw the question coming since they left the ship. Now, her lips curled into playful grin.
"When I first saw him... I was naked, chilled to the bone, and all at his mercy." Alison replied with a tone matching the grin. "He was ogling me, but was a gentlemen. So I thought I'll spare him. I killed all his friends though." Her grin turned into absolutely innocent toothy grin.

"So how about you?" Alison asked James. "How exactly are you two related?"

"Our mom's are sisters" James replied easily, "they were close so we spent a lot of time at his parent's rance growing up," he explained before leaning over to grab a handful of pebbles up from the side of the road. "He hasn't always kept the best company, but he's good people" James carried on as he chucked the pebbles individually, the task keeping him focussed, "The friends you killed probably deserved it" he added mirroring Alisons grin.

"Who was beating who? You Alden, or Alden you? When you were kids?" Alison asked James. She ignored him throwing pebbles, instead focusing on the surroundings, only from time to time glancing at James. It wasn't like she expected troubles. This was a very peaceful place and they were on a very boring job. The only thing that could happen would be Reavers attack, to break the tranquility of the day.

“Bit of both really,” James said after a bit of reflection, “He taught me and Drake how to fight as soon as we were old enough to leave the ranch with him”, James shared as the ghost of a fond smile formed, “He won until me and Drake hit started getting into our teens. Working on the Ranch had it’s perks”, he carried n, joking flexing a bicep for emphasis, “I can’t really remember what happened, but me and Drake decided enough was enough and put him on his ass with a bust lip”

“He was sure to pay us back the next time we were scrapping, but I doubt me or Drake would be half the fighters we are today without Alden” He admitted casually.

Alison giggled. Yeah, sounded like Alden. She walked quiet for a longer moment, enjoying the moment in time.

"So, do you plan to stick around for long?" She asked James after couple of minutes, changing the subject. If he did, Alison needed to know what he was good at and how best to rely on him, since she was a first mate.

James was quiet for a beat as he considered the question. He'd never been much of a forward thinker unless the plans of others had been the foundation. James knew who he was and knew the limits the people had around him. One too many incidents always led to him being shunned. He cleared his throat, "As long as you guys will let me stick around" he finally said, "violence is all I've known for the past decade. Niska had me do some fucked up stuff, and I enjoyed some of it" he admitted, dropping the pebbles from his hands before wiping his hands clean of the debris. "That's why I'm here, I want to be better and Alden can show me how; but ten years of muscle memory is hard to shift and I know I'm going to slip up eventually" he sighed, looking Alison in the eye.

Alison looked back at him, assessing him and a long moment after he finished she nodded in approval.
"That works for me." She said amicably before her voice took more steely tone. "But I see you stop trying to be better or I see you doing something behind Alden's back..." She hung up her voice ominously before she finished. " won't see me coming."

“Don’t make promises you might not be able to keep” James replied casually with a smile, his voice lacking fire. if only you knew he considered quietly. Niska had yet to reach out with a job, so, for now, technically he was in the clear. Eventually, though he would, and James would have no choice but to respond in order to keep Niska’s gaze away from his family back home. “Though, I reckon Alden would beat you too it” he joked.

Alison shrugged. She didn't need to say anything more on her promise. As they arrived at the place, she entered the warehouse and greeted the owner sitting behind the counter with a nod.
"As agreed, we came for the supplies, we bought." She informed the man. "Echo."

"Yes, yes." The man waved at her annoyingly. He stood up went on the back and came back with a box of various goodies. "Here, all as requested." He put it on the counter.

"We'll see." Alison said with a friendly smile and gave James the bag. "Hold it."

"Yes, Master" James commented doing as he was told as he took the back and parted it ready to be filled, "anything else, master?" he joked.

"Mistress..." Alison grinned. "Mistress." She picked supplies and began to put it in the bag.

James just smirked as he watched her go about filling the bag, "All hail Alison, Mistress of the Fortunes Echo" he joked once the last items were stowed away and threw the bag over his shoulder, pausing so Alison could lead the way.


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