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Hera: Getting the doctor

Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2020 @ 5:30pm by Alison Bliss & Karen Dawson MD
Edited on on Sun Aug 30th, 2020 @ 12:58pm

Mission: The Milk Run
Location: Serenity Valley Overlook, Ship Junkyard
Timeline: Day 13 (Very Early morning)

With Karen under one hand and the bottle of whiskey in the other, Alison reached the ladder to the storage room that the doctor decided to use as her own quarters. By now, Alison was very much in the mood for what Dayiu called as fornicating. Most definitely, but she realized that the ladder might be a bigger challenge than it seemed on the road to that.

“Why do you have to live up stairs?” She asked mostly herself, stopping by the ladder and letting Karen grab it. "Can you make it up?"

Alison put the bottle away under the wall and turned back to see how Karen was doing getting up.

Karen shrugged with a playful smirk. "Cuz no ones gonna ssssneak on me," the Doc answered with a bit of a slur and tried hard to concentrate as she attempted to scale the ladder.

"It's also fun," Karen admitted as she looked up at Alison. Karen was still in her dingy scrubs but at the moment she did not care.

Alison giggled seeing Karen in this state.
"I am sure it is." She approached Karen and put hands on her hips. Gently turning her to the ladder, she leaned to her ear and whispered. "Go on then. Show me how you do it."

With that Alison made enough space for Karen to try go up on her own, but ready to support her if need be.

"Sss'lot harder today," Karen giggled, panted, and climbed wobbly up the ladder.

A few times she missed a rung with her feet, but was happy - Maybe a little too happy whenever Alison caught her by the rump to steady her.

Happily, Karen slid the door to her room open. Her converted dorm room was a third the size smaller than the others, but still larger and comfier than the crew's rooms.

A full bed with a dark-oak frame and trundle compartments took up most of the space. Shoved to the far-left wall with a matching oak shelf that had all sorts of medical books and pictures of her family.

"SS'not much," Karen admitted sheepishly as she nearly fell to get to the light on the nightstand. A soft white lamp with matching lampshade.

Once the light was on, Karen plopped on her bed to wait out the dizziness. All the same, she smiled at Alison, "Sooo.... what yawannado?"

Alison had a lot of fun with Karen going up the ladder. She held her butt and on more than one occasion also managed to grope her here and there. Of course with a good reason for it... She got up with the bottle of whiskey after Karen reached the top and she was standing now and looking around the small space. Alison felt it suited the doctor quite nice.

"What I wanna do?" Alison echoed Karen and uncorked the bottle taking a swig. It didn't help on some of the desires and ideas that were cropping in Alison's head. She approached Karen and put hand on her head, gently brushing her hair as she took another swig of whiskey. "How about you lay down and I'll tuck you to bed." She said sultry, offering Karen a bottle while she kept brushing Karen's hair.

"Mmmm... 'kay," Karen spoke after several long moments of enjoyment. "Y-y-you're pretty," she stammered.

"I know." Alison's lips broke into a playful smile and she sat next to Karen. She took another swig and the smile got more lustful. "Let's get you out of the clothes, beautiful." She added putting the bottle away.

"Mm'kay," Karen very willingly agreed and let Alison undress her.

Since her excursion with Jacob the day before, Karen never really had time to shower. She had kicked into auto-pilot with fixing all the wounded in her dingy scrubs. Then she meandered around the ship, drinking.

Dust and dirt from one of Hera's remote townships all over Karen's abdomen was a natural result of a fight turned on its head. Whatever had happened, Noah's death completely took away the need of telling such a thrilling adventure.

All that was left of it, was the reminder that her Hera-related PTSD triggered her to run away from Serenity Valley. And now she was riddled with guilt and massive purple bruises and red-raw scabbed scuff marks that covered her stomach and chest.

If not for the sheer amount of drunkenness, Karen might very well have been in a fair amount of pain herself.

As Karen was getting out of the scrubs, Alison's arousal was rising fast. Partially because of the alcohol, but partially because Karen was very much in Alison's type. She got up here with a decision to act on it and use the moment that Karen was drunk, which loosen her a bit from her normal stance. Alison read people well and she was respectful toward Karen’s disinterest in closer relationships, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to bend the rules a bit when there was an occasion for it. Her eyes moved on Karen's body curves, then focused on her bosom, and then all just came to a halt.
"Tsk! What the...?" Alison asked surprised seeing the bruises and the wound. "What happened? And why didn't you do anything about that?"

Alison forced Karen to lay down and focused on the wound. It didn't look serious, but more painful.

"No wonder you are on the alcohol anesthesia." She eyed the doctor and then looked around. "So where is your stash of first aid here? We need to treat that or you'll have a nasty scar."

Karen took the bottle gingerly for another swig. Was that true? She was too muddled in the brain to contemplate such complex questions. Instead, her head bobbed unevenly with the invisible wave her head was swimming with while she made a visual inspection.

"Rack," Karen sighed happily and closed her eyes to the thought of Alison erotically doctering her up. "Ca-ca-corner."

The inebriated woman pointed to the wooden hat rack in the corner, by the door, and beside the standing cupboard that her dress garments were in.

Alison propped her up off her knee as she was leaning on the bed over Karen and moved as directed. Fishing a bit between things, she found what she needed. She turned back and noticed Karen's relaxing and... there was a vibe that Alison was very much attuned to but haven't really felt from Karen. Or was it more her own desires projecting. Either way, she shrugged it off as she sat back on the bed next to Karen and focused on the first aid kit, starting with disinfectant.
"It will sting a bit, but if you won't cry I'll give you a kiss after I am done," Alison said playfully focusing on the wound.

Alison paused briefly to give Karen a chance to prepare mentally herself for the pain and began cleaning the wound.

Karen took another swig of the confidence juice and pursed her lips a bit. It stung in places, but not all. The bruises looked worse than they felt - at least Karen thought. As alcohol impaired her judgment, so too did it cover most of the pain.

"Ha ha ha," Karen as last laughed hysterically when Alison brushed around the middle of her breastbone. Ticklish.

“All right, all right.” Stopping for a moment Alison gave Karen long look and as she calmed down, Alison continued on, this time, less gentle. It seemed that she was tickling Karen out of her desire to be gentle. She finished cleaning the wound and picked some bandages. Looking at Karen's chest and her breasts, she thought how best to wrap the wound without covering them, and only when she figured it out, she began, absolutely casually, touching Karen's breasts in the process aimed very much at arousing the doctor.

While the wounds weren’t life-threatening, Alison was not sure if she wanted to use the moment and take advantage of Karen. Though if Karen would act first... Alison would feel absolved.

Karen very willingly kissed Alison. Passionately. The doctor placed her nervous hands on Alison's. She did not care about the exposed skin of her scrapes. She wanted, for an unexplained, stage reason, to copulate with the First Mate.

"Mmmm..." Karen sighed slowly, and happily as she attempted to remove Alison's shirt mid-kiss. "Iwanna bedya," she slurred, with a hungry smile.

Alison didn't need more than that. Any doubts she had, and hesitations and any restrains instantly melted away. She helped Karen with her shirt and got topless for her. Leaning down she giggled and kissed Karen tasting the whiskey off her mouth, while her hand wormed her way down into Karen's pants.

Fade to black...


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