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Noah-Jade True

Name Noah-Jade Isaac True

Position Engineer

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Homeworld Londinium
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 135
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Pale Hazel
Physical Description (They/them or he/him pronouns, biologically male) Noah-Jade is a strange looking person. At first glance, Noah looks tall and skinny, with a narrow, bony face that could either be a feminine guy or a masculine lady. His hair is quite curly, and more vertical than horizontal, forming little ringlets at the top but kept mostly short by the sides. He has golden stud earrings in each ear. Noah looks much younger than he is - but perhaps that's just because of the childish glint he still has in his eye? Sometimes he takes excellent care of his clothes and dresses in a fine suit, and sometimes he forgets to take care of himself and looks like a homeless man, just flip and coin and see how he's looking that week. He gives off an expression of energy, of passion, almost of insanity but almost always remains cheerful.
He has a pet Rose-ringed Parakeet who often sits on his shoulder. The bird is green with a long blue-ish tail, a black and pink ring around its neck, and a bright orange beak.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Isaac True
Mother Logan True
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sibyl Rajani (37), Lazuli True (30)
Other Family The only member of his family that he really remains in contact with is his nephew Ian Rajani (17). Ian was born when Noah-Jade was 16 and still on good terms with his family and Noah would often help his sister Sibyl take care of the kid. When Sibyl was cut off from the family, his sister went behind their backs so that Noah could still see Ian sometimes, at least until Noah went off to war. Even on the run, Noah still writes to him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noah has a sort of unbridled enthusiasm for life that is hard to find among people these days. He almost never cares what people think about him - he has no time for that. Instead, he spends almost all his time frantic to make the best of life, and to find a purpose. He is secretly terrified that he will die without having accomplished anything, or at least anything outside of a normal life. He has no regards for social rules, although he is familiar with them, and no regards for gender as well. He is entirely apathetic to the idea of gender - Noah-Jade prefers they/them pronouns but grew up using he/him as takes no offense to using those as well. He is an optimistic, idealistic person, but that doesn't mean he is necessarily good. In the end, he is selfish; he cares for his own skin and his own happiness more than those around him, and he is quite comfortable with that fact. He thinks that everybody has a story, and he wants to figure out those stories so that he can take them apart and find the best way to make his own life the story that he wants it to be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Energy, Intelligence, Competence

Weaknesses: Fear, Nihilism, Existential Dread. Physically Noah is quite weak, and he often questions what his place is in life, especially in regards to gender.
Ambitions Noah-Jade wants to write a book, detailing everything he has seen, especially the people. He loves philosophy, and digging into people's psychology. He spends most of his free time writing.
Hobbies & Interests Noah likes writing, animals, gardening, and living in the moment.

Personal History Noah was born on Londinium into a very wealthy family. His sister was already his father's favorite, even before he was born, and his genius sister took all the attention of both of his parents. Even his little sister was mostly ignored. Despite that, Noah and his little sister never grew close. They were simply too different of people - Lazuli always cared about what people thought of her, while Noah was too busy living his life, and he considered her boring while she considered him embarrassing. Of course, their parents never cared to reconcile the two of them anyways, as long as they both got along with their older sister Sibyl, who would inherit the company engineering firm. And Noah had no better plans for life than that. He didn't realize, that young, how much just going with the flow hurt him because it was all he knew. He enrolled in the top college on Londinium for mechanical engineering (the same school where his sister had recently graduated with a business degree).

In his first year in college, he met a guy name Paul. Paul was very openly gay; and Paul helped Noah discovered that he was agender. The two started dating, and Noah was planning on changing his name to Jade (he gave up on that idea after Paul was gone, settling on introducing himself as Noah-Jade), because he didn't like how masculine Noah sounded, but after about a year and a half Paul died in a ship accident (perhaps this was what turned Noah towards studying ships - trying to fix the machines that killed his lover? Even Noah is not quite sure). Noah was desolate. The worst part was that his family didn't come to the funeral as Noah had requested - his family blamed Paul for turning him gay. Noah cut ties with the family, but still kept in contact with Sibyl (who did respect Paul, but not as much as she valued the good opinion of their father) so that he could still see his nephew Ian.

Without his family's money, though, Noah really couldn't afford the tuition. Not only that - he had planned on getting a job at his father's company, and his father was good friends with many of the other engineering executives on that planet. Noah knew, deep down, that he wouldn't manage to get a good job to pay off his debt. He dreamed about building himself a private ship out of spare parts and just voyaging across the 'verse, discovering other people's stories, but even that took money. In the end, he graduated in debt and joined the Alliance just to make a living.

Once again, Noah's luck went downhill. He joined the Alliance military in 2505, and the war started just a year later. He worked as an engineer for many different Alliance ships - nobody could deny that he was excellent at his job - but was never happy about it. He hated the idea of war and honestly had no passion for the Alliance. He spent a while on a ship under the charge of an officer that he became friends with (Anouk Io). She wasn't quite the war hawk that some of the other captains he had worked with had been. On that ship, he also sometimes talked with her secret lover, Alden Loxley. This was really his first experience with a browncoat up close, and as he suspected, they were just people trying to live their lives as well.

As the fighting grew worse and worse, Noah started to legitimately fear for his life. He deserted the Alliance military in January of 2511, five months before the Battle of Serenity Valley. This made him a fugitive now; and he traveled from planet to planet looking for short jobs, not wanting to stay in one place for too long (not only because of his fugitive status, but also because he was terrified of growing sedentary and giving in to a normal life). When he lucked upon finding Alden again, he quickly accepted a job as a ship engineer, deciding that this was one job he wouldn't mind staying with for a while. After all, he had almost forgotten what a familiar face was like, and that was something he was ready to change.

Note: he has a pet parrot that had belonged to Paul. He somehow managed to hide the bird while he was in the military, at least from those who would care about it - which was honestly quite few. Who cared about the screeching of a parrot next to all the already loud noises of the engine room?
Service Record Noah served as an engineer for the Alliance from 2505 - 2511.