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Jacob Lara

Name Jacob Marcus Lara

Position Registered Companion

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Poseidon
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 178 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jacob is a tall man, with an athletic, swimmer, or dancer's physique which he maintains with a strict exercise regimen. He dressed in fine clothing, as befitting his chosen life path, as a Companion. His skin is a dark chocolate brown, and his eyes are deep green. He keeps his hair trimmed short, and his facial hair short and well maintained.


Father Paul Lara
Mother Maria Lara
Brother(s) Matthew Lara

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jacob is a quiet, private man, but a man who exudes sensuality, and confidence in everything he does. He doesn't talk much, preferring to keep things about himself as vague as he can beyond what people strictly need to know, and he builds trust very slowly, and cautiously.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent
Able to read body language
Strong sense of self-preservation
Conceited, though he hides it well
Sarcastic when annoyed
Can be hot-tempered when in a stressful situation
Ambitions To rise to a rank appropriate so that he can assist in the training of another generation of Companions in a Guild House.
Hobbies & Interests Dance, music, drinks, food, poetry, literature, massage, and a plethora of other interests he developed while training in the Guild.

Personal History Jacob was born on Poseidon, the third moon orbiting the planet of Ariel, and a travel destination for those seeking more extravagant retreats from their daily lives. He and his twin brother are the only children of a wealthy couple, Paul and Maria Lara, who own a large swathe of beachfront property well situated to amplify their wealth with income from their various holdings in hotels, restaurants, bars, and casinos.

Because of this rather auspicious family environment, he, and his twin, were raised from a young age to value pleasure, and service, and so, when he announced his desire to be a Companion at the age of twelve his parents were in no way surprised, or apprehensive. They contacted the Companion's Guild through House Rafiki Mwaminifu on Ariel and made arrangements for him to begin his training. It took almost six months for the preparations to be made, and delayed his arrival at the House until he was thirteen.

For the next eleven years, Jacob would study, learn, and apply himself to all of the various elements that went into the training of a Companion in the Guild. He would learn the ever-important Tea Ceremony that begins all interactions between a Companion and their clients. He would learn various types of dance, helping him to develop a very close connection to his body. He would learn yoga, and other types of stretching, as well as massage and the ways it can help the body to relax, and repair itself. He would even learn advanced forms of self-defense, to protect himself.

Most importantly of all the training he would receive, however, would be that of learning the basic areas of psychology that all Companions specialize in, including how to help a Client deal with a trauma, or depression, but also, and probably the most serious of all, how to read body language, and non-verbal clues, to ensure that he kept himself safe from harm, using the self-defense forms he learned.

When he was finally ready to complete his training and join the Guild as a Registered Companion he was tested, two weeks before his twenty-fourth birthday, spending nearly fourteen hours in a secluded chamber with a group of Priests and Priestesses who evaluated him on every aspect of what he had trained for over the past eleven years.

He would spend the following weeks back on Poseidon with his family while he awaited the results, not allowed to return to the Guild House until he was accepted, and never allowed back if he was rejected. Finally, the joyous day came, when his results were transmitted, and a formal invitation was made for him to return to House Rafiki Mwaminifu, for final induction into the Guild as a Registered Companion.

It has been three years since that joyful day, and Jacob has not traveled far from his place of birth. Hoping to find adventure among the other planets of the Verse he has found himself a place aboard a vessel, as a long term paying passenger, and the guest of Captain Alden Loxley