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Jacy Wright

Name Jacy Wright

Position Ship's Doctor

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Ariel
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 118 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Riley is medium height with a slender build with long blonde hair and friendly blue eyes. She's taken to wearing her hair up in some sort of manner, only allowing herself to wear it down when she's sure she's safe or not frustrated by something. Riley is not good at hiding her feelings or emotions, her face usually betraying her.


Father Gordon Scott - Deceased
Mother Marissa Scott- Deceased
Brother(s) Michael Scott (Younger)
Zachary Scott (Twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Riley is quite the down to Earth type. What some would consider to be the “girl next door”, even though she came from a wealthy family. She has a graceful mein, tending to look for the best in every person. Until of course, you've broken her trust it takes forever to earn it back. She can be goofy, and a bit of a flirt. Even with what she has been through, she can still be quite gullible and naïve. On occasion, Riley can be too trusting. But she doesn’t like to be manipulated.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+Laid back
+Medical knowledge
+Calm under *certain* pressures

Ambitions Keeping her life her own
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Tai Chi

Personal History Riley and her twin brother, Zachary, were born on the core planet of Ariel to Gordon and Marissa Scott. Life was pretty much as expected for the foursome until the twin’s younger brother Michael was born. Riley and Zachary were three at the time he came screaming into their family. She was happy to have a younger sibling, even if it was a boy and she vowed to always take care of him. Which she did, almost every time he found himself getting into trouble. But as they all grew older, Michael’s trouble came more and more frequent, bigger. Yet, she found him pulling at her heartstrings. After all, he was her baby brother.

She graduated from Medical school at age 23, much to her father’s pleasure. Her mother died not long after, leaving the family is complete shock. Riley, though, spent the next five years working alongside a fellow doctor and family friend, Dr. Victor Whitcomb, on Ariel. It wasn’t her dream job, but she had patients and got to do what she loved, even if it wasn’t her own practice. And then came the fateful day that Riley mistakenly treated the wrong person. It wasn’t that she wasn’t supposed to, but more along the lines of the outcome.

His name was Aristotle Ford, a nefarious gambler and loan shark. And unbeknownst to Riley and the rest of her family, was holding onto a debt owed by Michael. A debt that added up to a serious amount of coin. Ford, knowing exactly who the blonde doctor just happened to be, decided that he would wipe Michael’s debt for Riley. Upon hearing that her brother, the brother she had always taken care of and watched out for, was actually willing to ‘sell’ her as payment, she attempted to flee the planet. What other choice was there? Expect things didn’t go as smooth as she and planned. Michael had learned of her plans, tried to stop her and even notified Ford of her plan to escape.

Things went terribly wrong when Michael tried to stop her from leaving her house. He had waved Ford, who showed up before she could get out. Everything happened so fast, Michael got hurt in the fight that ensued.. And Aristotle and Gordon shot at each other. One sustaining an injury, while the other, Riley's father was killed. Among the chaos, Riley was able to slip out and barely made it in time to the ship her father had booked passage on for her, under her new alias: Jacy Wright. First she went somewhere that was big and crowded, Persephone. She was able to blend in and from there she hitched rides from planet to planet, trying to make herself lost.

With her account nearly depleted, she knew she was going to have to settle somewhere and find work. What better place than the out of the way border planet, Beylix? Riley still had credentials, not that she was going to show them to anyone. But in a place like Beylix, no one really cared as long as they got the treatment and the medical care they desperately needed. This was also where Riley met and started her ‘friendship’ with a certain dashing ship Captain. She was there to patch him and his crew up as needed when they dropped in, as well as having a more...physical relationship. Riley knew that it would never amount to anything serious, and took it as it was. But a ship's Captain was someone to be on good terms with.

Four years after settling and establishing a life as Jacy Wright, Riley found her world tumbling down around her. She’d been found. Thankfully she’d saved a bit, enough to get her off Beylix. Turns out that she'd been right about being on good terms with someone who had his own ship. He helped her get off the planet and now she found herself on Li Shen's Bazaar trying to decide if it was a safe enough place to stay a while or if she needed to procure passage on a ship, if at all possible. Maybe get a ride to a planet and then another, and another in an attempt to bounce around to make finding her difficult.