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Niamh O'Donoghue

Name Niamh O'Donoghue

Position Counselor

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Ezra
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140lb
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Glacial Blue
Physical Description Of average, Niamh is lithe in stature and possesses natural beauty, despite times best efforts to erode them. Her attention to detail with regards to her appearance is meticulous. Niamh cares little of her appearance and does nothing more but brush her shoulder-length hair. She typically wears a dark tank top, with slim-fit jeans tucked into biker boots. Dependent on the weather she may throw a flannel shirt or her black leather jacket over her shoulders.


Spouse Arthur Duchannes (Deceased)
Children Lydia Duchannes (Deceased)
Father Padraig O'Donoghue (Deceased)
Mother Aoife O'Donoghue (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Naturally analytical and compassionate, Niamh is a woman who leant herself well to the field of Psychiatry. She is focussed yet open and friendly. She makes the most out of every interaction and enjoys spending her time socialising. Despite this, she is personally very private. Given the nature of her role, she is keenly aware that the way the people she helped viewed her was critical to how successful she would be at her work. She is also capable of holding her own having lived through the unification war and on Ezra constantly under threat from Niska and his goons like everybody else.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Compassionate
+ Intelligent

- Guarded
- Meticulous
- Stubborn
Ambitions Niamh simply wants to help others until she can’t.
Hobbies & Interests Despite her nature and professional leanings, Niamh is incredibly intrigued by the macabre. From horror films to true crime Niamh enjoys it. Whilst remaining guarded, Niamh can typically be found in the midst of any social activity, should her work allow it. Niamh likes to collect items with local significance when at port or away for work.

Personal History Niamh was born on Ezra on the land of her parents and hours ride from Little Phoenix. The O’Donoghue’s were originally from Athen’s but had moved to their isolated property after finding themselves weary of the wealthier capital. On Athens, her mother, Aoife, had been a moderately successful author and was able to continue her work ensuring the O’Donoghues were reasonably provided for. To occupy himself her father, Padraig, kept several chickens and dairy cows and tended to the private plot; although the climate severely limited his options.

Early life was easy for Niamh, she spent much of her childhood playing on the family’s land. during those early years, even as a child, Niamh yearned to be around others and had a keen interest in why her parents did the things they did. Although they tried their best eventually her parents grew fed up of her constant “why?”’s and decided to enrol her at the small schoolhouse in little Ezra. They had to get up much earlier in the mornings but Niamh would always look back fondly on those journey’s with her father fondly.

As she hit early adulthood and said farewell to her teenage years Niamh buckled down and began the 6 years of education she’d require to become a counsellor. During this time there were ups and downs. She enjoyed being surrounded by others and she found the work stimulating, but she missed Ezra and it’s people terribly. She’d come across a few, but most of her fellow classmates were Athens native. After what had felt like an eternity Niamh passed bother her undergrad and masters degrees stepping out in the verse with nothing but optimism and determination.

She spent the first decade of her career as a resident on one of the smaller hospitals on Ezra, a day or two travel from Little Phoenix. The work was steady and ensured Niamh lived comfortably but it had never been her intention to work for others. The hope was that one day she’d be capable of opening and successfully running her own clinic. She’d never turn anyone in need of help away and the profits wouldn’t be her primary motivation. She needed more experience first so she spent the decade honing her techniques and gaining further insight into the lives of those with mental illness.

That changed when Arthur Duchannes came into her life. A preppy Ezran with a cringe-inducing sense of humour, Niamh would never have considered herself falling in love with a man like that. He grew on her though, after much effort on his side, so she acquiesced and went on a date with him. 5 years later and she had her own private practice which she ran out of the modest one-story cottage her parents had built on their property as a wedding gift for Niamh and Arthur.

The next seven years were a blissful blur after Niamh and Arthur had an adjusted to navigating their lives around parenthood, Niamh continued to run her practise and Arthur became a stay at home father. They would spend a lot of time together as a family and Niamh would always reflect on those short seven years as being the best years of her life. Unfortunately, the ‘verse had other ideas when it came to the destiny of Niamh O’Donoghue’s destiny. In 2506, just before the onset of the Unification Wars, Arthur and Lydia died en route to Athens so that Lydia could meet her fathers family. The lost devastated Niamh and to cope with the pain she abandoned their home near Little Phoenix and began to wander.

By the time the war had broken out Niamh had made her way to Hera. Being an important Independent world, it didn’t take long for Niamh to become involved with the Independent Army. Though she never officially enlisted she volunteered her services at numerous field hospitals, hoping to comfort those traumatised by the conflict. Throughout that entire time, she only saw live combat once. The Allied military managed to locate the field hospital she had been working out of and had sent a team to seize as many independents as possible. After an enduring firefight as Niamh and the Independents made their escape Niamh would memorise the names of the critically wounded they’d been forced to leave. She hoped the Alliance would at least take over their treatment before dishing out any punishment.

Though she could shoot and knew how to take care of herself, Niamh wasn’t present for the Battle of Serenity Valley. The week before the conflict Niamh returned to Ezra in order to visit with her parents. Though disappointed to find out the Independents had lost, Niamh was relieved to hear that the bloodshed was over. The years roaming around the beds of the injured had taken it’s a toll on her and found she no longer had it in her to run her practise and decided it was time to resume her wandering.

For the next 6 years, Niamh roamed the border and rim worlds, hopping from bar to bar in search of any soul needing to talk. She normally found herself talking to ex-independents but there were times she’d counsel Alliance personnel who’d been through the war. The pain was pain, everyone lost something during those years. She met many people throughout those years and found fulfilment in walking through the pain of others in support of them. It did little to dull the pain from the loss of Arthur and Lydia but it did keep her preoccupied and with each success, he felt herself growing happier.

by 2517, she had sold the land that had been left to her by her parents in their death and semi-permanently settled on Hera. The planets significance during the Unification Wars meant there were always opportunities for the wandering therapist to keep busy. It was never intended to be permanent but until something better came along, the room she rented about a little saloon was enough.