You know the story, right? Earth got used up. We found a new solar system and terraformed hundreds of new Earths. The Central planets formed the Alliance and asked everyone to play nice and unite under their rule. Didn't quite work out that way...

It's 2517, the Unification War ended 6 years ago (2511). The Alliance won, an armistice was signed, and the Independents (those who lost) they drifted out to the edges of the system, away from Alliance control. Out there on the Rim, folks can live their lives, struggle to make ends meet, or band together to survive. Some find a ship, gather a crew and find work to keep flying.

And some sort of steal one that others left lying around, they fix her up and somehow end up missing a brother as part of the trade. Now those misfit bunch of folks are following a trail of crumbs about the Verse to try and find out just what exactly they've wandered into...


Seven months ago (March 2517), the Verse seemed to be feeling somewhat kind. Two people who had lost almost everything found an abandoned Firefly on a desolate rocky moon. They buried some bodies, called in some back-up and managed to get her up and running.

Now, Fortune has flipped that coin and the echo of their luck is rippling through the lives of those who stole from her surface and all those who travel with them.

Step on up, and join the journey. Be part of the problem, seek the solution or sign up with the rivals.

This sim is rated 18+ RPG Rating 3 2 3

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» Silver Post of the Month!

Posted on Sun Aug 15th, 2021 @ 11:18am by Alden Loxley in General News

Congratulations to A7ice, wizardbeard, Sable, Sprite for winning Silver Post of the Month for July!

Awesome job, and, as always, a great deal of fun to be writing with you all - thank you for the good times :D

» Bronze Post of The Month!

Posted on Thu Mar 25th, 2021 @ 9:41pm by Alden Loxley in General News

Congratulations to the whole Fortune's Crew for winning Bronze Post of the Month for February!

Always a pleasure writing with y'all. Thanks for the good times :)

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Congratulations wizardbeard (Whit) for winning Silver Post of the Month for December!

» Gold Sim of the Quarter!

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 7:08pm by Alden Loxley in General News

Congratulations Fortune's Echo Crew! We won an award!!

You're all awesome, thanks for everything you do to make writing together fun, and for keeping me mostly sane through the working week as well. You rock :D

» Community Star Award for Larkin!

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 7:01pm by Alden Loxley in General News

Congratulations Larkin! You won a 22nd Fleet award!

Latest Mission Posts

» Nothing I've Become

Mission: Twas The Twelve Days of Travel
Posted on Thu May 19th, 2022 @ 4:49am by Daiyu

While most of the crew slept or otherwise kept to their own company, Daiyu wandered the ship in a white sleeping gown. Her matted hair fell over her shoulders and down her back, adding its wispy likeness to her gown's train and making her seem to list through the ship.…

» Money For Nothing And Kicks For Free

Mission: Twas The Twelve Days of Travel
Posted on Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 7:16am by Alden Loxley & Whit

"So far so good," noted Alden as he leant against the shuttle's inner airlock door and regarded Whit with an overt look of intrigue. "Seems if anyone's gonna jump us they're waiting til we land." There was a quiet exhale and he scratched his head. This whole matter was complicated…

» He Ain't Heavy

Mission: Home Sweet Wonderful Home
Posted on Sun May 15th, 2022 @ 12:58pm by Alden Loxley & Drake Loxley & Chloe Waltz PhD & Jonas Bailey

Drake Loxley. The image of blonde curly haired innocence was, as Jonas knew only too well, an utter lie. Various warrants existed on the deeper dark markets, but the younger Loxley brother also had a serious protection order keeping his ass safe and sound. Adelai Niska. Criminal Syndicate overlord and…

» Life Goes On

Mission: Twas The Twelve Days of Travel
Posted on Sun May 15th, 2022 @ 10:11am by Cooper O'Reilly & Jacy Wright & Whit

They'd left Li Shen's a few hours ago now and the immediate chaos of needing to get folks in the right places had calmed at least a little. Cooper had ensured Alison was safely delivered to Echo's infirmary, and being no stranger to pain meds, he'd ensured Alden had a…

» Can You Use Companion As A Verb?

Mission: Twas The Twelve Days of Travel
Posted on Sun May 8th, 2022 @ 5:02am by Kindra Graham & Alden Loxley

It had taken a little time for Alden to feel comfortable enough to seek alone time with Kindra, on account of he'd been feeling guilty, a little ashamed and definitely somewhat confused about recent events. Not just the lack of any real money gained by legal or illegal means, some…

Latest Personal Logs

» Ink Spilled to Avoid Goodbye

Posted on Mon May 3rd, 2021 @ 9:16am by Kindra Graham

Location: Pelorum, Bai Rih Mohn Beach Resort
Timeline: 2514 - Summer, after 'A Six String and A Naked Piano'

*** A Letter Written on Bai Rih Mohn resort stationery ***

Dearest Alden,

I can't sleep. I've lain awake these last hours, watching you sleep, listening to the sound of your…

» Flashback: Night on the Helix

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2020 @ 2:33pm by Alden Loxley

Flashback: Night on the Helix
Timeline: Sometime in 2516
Location: Crew Cabin on the Helix

Her face often came to mind in those early hours of the morning, the part of the day when good people should be sleeping, but when busy minds worked their way into waking. It wasn’t…